domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

Repositorio de tesis abierto de la PUCP

La Pontificia Universidad Católica de Peru (PUCP) es una de las 20 mejores universidades de Latinoamérica. Recientemente me entero que tienen un enorme repositorio de tesis de acceso público que van desde nivel bachillerato hasta doctorado en un amplio número de áreas como Ciencias Sociales, Filosofía e Ingeniería y Ciencias Exactas. Me ha ayudado bastante a informarme sobre el estado del arte y para citar trabajos en mi tesis de licenciatura. Definitivamente un gran aporte al conocimiento para el mundo hispanohablante.

viernes, 21 de octubre de 2016

Small Ku Band Radio Telescope (1m)

Early this year I started to build a small radio telescope for my undergraduate thesis.The idea came to me as a smaller and open (without Radio Eyes) version of the Robert Arrowsmith's SDR radio telescope. In order to make a contribution to other students and educators all over the world, the main goals of the project are the following:
  • Create an open hardware and affordable altazimuth mount  
  • Create Python modules for control and coordinate conversions
  • Start a complete open hardware/software astronomical platform for educational proposes in long term.  
This week I've already finished the mount and I began to test the movement of the antenna. I'm using a Raspberry Pi as main control unit. The digital controllers for the motors are implemented in a microcontroller board called Miuva with a Pololu Qik 2s12v10 dual motor driver:
 And this is how the system looks like when is assembled:

Once the mount is calibrated after add a magnetometer and an IMU, I will take some data using a FunCube and a RSA306B USB Spectrum Analyzer (which is not mine, sadly, but my adviser is letting me use it).

This post is only a brief teaser, but I promise I will release everything as soon as I get my degree!