jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012


"A woman doesn't get attracted to you because you prove to her how attracted to her you are. You can't manipulate her into feeling attraction for you by giving her things or telling her how much she means to you. All you're doing is put pressure on her by showing you are needy. By talking about how attracted you are to her and by showing her how much you like her you're simply driving her away. You're making her feel guilty. You're giving your own power and charisma away. And it makes you unattractive. 

Because she's fond of you she tries to give it a chance and hopes for a miracle that somehow she will feel some sort of attraction for you. But now when she thinks about hanging out with you, all she feels is pressure, uncomfortableness, and guilt because she fears she's going to hurt your feelings. She also feels superior in the relationship, because you're the needy one that wants more from her so she feels even less attraction for you than before because of that"

- Stephan Erdman

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Guerrero dijo...

Las relaciones humanas y sus complejidades que nunca dejan de asombrarme porque a veces la respuesta es tan simple...

Feliz año y espero que sigamos leyéndonos en otra era llamada 2013.
Saludos y un abrazo! y salud!

Luyten dijo...

Es bueno saber que sigues por acá en la blogosfera, Guerrero! Que tengas un excelente año. Un abrazo!

Anónimo dijo...

Me gustó, te lo robaré.