miércoles, 1 de junio de 2016

Language Barriers

I hadn't written in English here before. Now, regarding that I need to take the GRE this year, it's something that I enormously regret. Mostly what I post here are technical notes of problems I solved and that there is no documentation online about it in Spanish. Someone commented once that I should write my technical notes in English so people all over the world can use them. What I always say is that there's plenty of resources written in English while good ones written in Spanish are scarce. That's why I prefer to write in my mother language. I feel I'm contributing to the develop of my region, not only Mexico but all the Hispanic world. But this blog is not only about engineering and science stuff (things I really passionate about), although it seems to be the case. It's about my life too, the whole of it. I think writing about ourself and our lives is not narcissism. We need to know other peoples thoughts and passions in order to make a better view of the world. So I know that writing always in Spanish have trapped me in bubble too. I haven't done blogger friends outside Hispanic America. But the blogosphere is kind of dead these day anyway, isn't it? Or may be it's just in the Spanish Internet! I don't even know it for the same reason. Well, I'll give it shot.

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